Science Laboratories

Spratton Hall has three multi-purpose science laboratories which are used to teach all three of the main sciences. Each room is fully equipped to allow all children to actively take part in practical discovery.  Each room also has interactive whiteboards which are in regular use to aid the teaching of science.  Lessons for Year 3 to Year 6 are in general science, and can be taught in any of the three rooms.  In Years 7 and 8, where the sciences are split into Biology, Physics and Chemistry, then each room has certain specific design features which enable it to become more specialised.

Biology Lab

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The Biology Laboratory is always a bright and colourful room, with displays reflecting the latest seasonal topics.  There are microscopes, anatomical models and display cases of zoological specimens.  A bird-cam provides a live video feed of a nest box.  Immediately outside is the science garden which is used for seasonal appreciation and quadrat biodiversity studies.


 Physics Lab

The Physics lab is well equipped with a variety of practical equipment ranging from Van de Graaff generators to Orreries. We also have a class set of datalogging equipment which we can use in practical tasks to get instant results allowing live data analysis and graph plotting.



chemChemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab has a fume cupboard incorporated into its design to allow practical demonstration of certain chemical reactions to be shown to pupils. It is also adjoining our Prep Room, where our full-time lab technician is able to prepare and provide equipment and support to all three laboratories as necessary.

For more information please click this link to Science.

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