Townsend Media Centre

The Townsend Library and Media Centre is our 21st Century answer to having a library in the school. We are proud of its modern appearance, and it has been designed to enthuse and enable children to come in and enjoy comfortable, bright, modern surroundings while researching material for books, using one of the 20 computers, or just enjoying reading a book or newspaper.

There is a comprehensive junior and senior fiction section which is readily accessed by the children. All books are referenced using the Dewey system of categorisation, and the whole Centre is overseen by our Librarian. The books are constantly being updated and added to, to provide a broad range of modern, as well as classic fiction for the pupils to read.  The reference and non-fiction material is similarly well maintained, with a wide range of subjects provided, allowing children to do further research on all the subjects taught in school. The library skills needed to do this research are also addressed in lessons, where English teachers and the librarian combine to educate the children on how to use the library effectively.

Alongside the books, we also have a networked suite of computers which provide a fantastic resource for pupils to do online research, use the room for study and project work, or checking their emails.  The Media Centre also boasts one of the latest generation of interactive Smart Boards, an excellent complement to the computers.

The Townsend Media Centre is used throughout the year for a range of activities, including: visiting authors, Book Fairs, World Book Day events and ‘Reading for Pleasure’. There is also sufficient space for visiting speakers and members of staff to address an entire Year group in comfort. House meetings take place on a regular basis.

Upcoming Events

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March 21 2019 • 14:00 - 14:00

U9A Rugby Festival at Warwick Prep (A)

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March 21 2019 • 17:30 - 19:15

Years 7&8 Production Club Play – ‘Old Books’

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March 22 2019 • 08:45 - 09:10

Assembly with 5H

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March 23 2019 • All day

Music for Youth Festival – NSB – Jazz Band and Senior Choir

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March 24 2019 • All day

1st VII Rugby IAPS at Sherbourne School, Dorset (A)

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March 25 2019 • All day

RPE Orals

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