Examinations at Spratton are an important part of the process of assessing each child.

It provides us with information that allows us to:

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of a pupil
  • Use this information to inform our teaching and change things accordingly
  • Place pupils in correct academic classes and sets
  • Raise any concerns with parents regarding a pupil’s progress

Examinations take place at various points throughout the year for different age groups, but for all year groups there are end of year examinations in the Summer term. These are an essential way for us to evaluate how well pupils have understood what we have taught them throughout the year, and to forward plan for the following academic year to ensure that each pupil is placed carefully in the correct academic class and set where necessary.

For further information on which examinations your child can expect in a particular year group, pleaseclick on the links on the below.

Revision is obviously a key part of preparing for examinations, and while this process is not something anyone finds easy, we have created some helpful pages in the academic pages of the website where pupils and parents can go and get some good ideas for how to revise, and what to revise. Click on this link to go to the revision pages, but also please look in each academic subjects pages for additional help.

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March 23 2019 • All day

Music for Youth Festival – NSB – Jazz Band and Senior Choir

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March 24 2019 • All day

1st VII Rugby IAPS at Sherbourne School, Dorset (A)

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March 25 2019 • All day

RPE Orals

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March 25 2019 • 06:45 - 06:45

Year 7 depart to Paris

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March 26 2019 • All day

Year 7 in Paris

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March 26 2019 • 17:30 - 18:30

Year 4 Play – ‘Odysseus’

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