Chromebooks for Pupils

Chromebooks are provided for all pupils in Years 6, 7 and 8 at Spratton, as we feel it is important that the pupils get used to using technology as an integrated part of their learning experience, alongside more traditional teaching methods. These devices are owned by the school and will be used by pupils as they move through the senior part of the school, in lessons, and for prep at home.

The Chromebooks have been introduced to provide the pupils with a useful tool to enhance their learning. Staff continue to be trained in devising interesting and innovative ways of utilising the Chromebook in lessons. At the moment some of the ways they are being used in lessons are:

  • Searching the internet for appropriate support material or information about a topic being studied
  • Making flashcards using and then sharing these with other class-mates
  • Sharing notes and ideas with the teacher using OneNote
  • Recording video performances in drama and music and self-assessing the performances
  • Producing a composition for Music
  • Accessing instructions posted on Edmodo for a recipe in FDT
  • Enjoying interactive quizzes on Kahoot!
  • Accessing pdf versions of some of our textbooks
  • Using the Bible App to research chapters and verses in Bible during RS
  • Using one of the calculator Apps during Science lessons
  • Typing essays in History and RPE and then editing and improving them
  • Practising touch typing to increase general speed of typing for all subjects
  • Making Powerpoint presentations of a Geography topic
  • Using Linguascope to extend the understanding of French
  • Watching a video clip of a film related to a book being studied in English
  • Inputting data into a shared spreadsheet for a practical experiment in Physics

All these interesting and interactive ways of working in class are making each lesson more exciting and accessible for pupils. Over time, we are hoping to develop our teaching techniques and understanding of how tablets can work with pupils to provide even better lessons that use tablets in ever-increasingly innovative ways. This does not mean we have abandoned the more traditional approaches using pen and paper, as we are still preparing pupils for Common entrance at the end of Year 8, which are paper-based exams. The use of Chromebooks allows us to enhance the learning and integrate them fully with the ‘traditional’ curriculum we have always taught.

Pupils are given a clear Code of Conduct for use with the Chromebooks and are expected to look after them responsibly, bring them to school fully-charged, and use them in an appropriate way.

This, along with having Smartboards in all classrooms, means we are delivering a 21st century curriculum to our pupils, empowering them with the core IT skills they will need in the future as the use of such devices becomes more and more prevalent in society at large.

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