Aims & Objectives

School Ethos

Spratton Hall is a happy, thriving 4-13 co-educational day school community educating girls and boys in an inspirational and dynamic, yet caring and supportive, environment that combines a high quality, all-round, traditional education with a forward-looking and an exciting approach to learning.

Our collective intention is to enhance further our excellent reputation as one of the best all-round independent preparatory schools in the country by always working to improve as we live and share the school’s Christian values together.



1.  Aim and Objectives for Pupil Learning:

To provide a challenging, yet caring and supportive, environment for learning in which each pupil is able to develop the personality, talents, and mental and physical abilities to achieve the highest standards of which he or she is capable, by:

a)  providing and organising ‘challenge’ through a balanced core curriculum and a broad extended curriculum, so that each pupil is offered and enabled to access a wide range of opportunities for personal development and achievement;

b)  fostering in each pupil the development of spiritual, moral, social and cultural values (SMSC), which will help them to become responsible citizens who respect tradition, culture and the environment and, furthermore, understand the importance of sustainability within our environment;

c)  using technology and computing to further enhance and broaden their learning;

d)  monitoring, assessing and recording the progress of each pupil so that realistic targets can be set and learning action planned;

e)  broadening the concept of ‘intelligence’ and including a variety of learning styles to assist individuals to better appreciate and understand their strengths and development needs;

f)  providing specialist, multi-sensory supported study as appropriate, to allow each pupil of whatever ability and from whatever linguistic background to achieve success;

g)  preparing each pupil for entry into their next school, Common Entrance, Scholarship and other tests and assessments, according to capability;

h)  fostering international understanding to enable each pupil to understand the global context of opportunity and interaction, language and culture;

i)  introducing the attitudes, skills and areas of understanding that will lay a foundation for life-long learning, so that each pupil will be able to initiate and respond to change in themselves, society and technology;

j)   fostering creativity to develop each pupil’s capacity for original ideas and action which is of value;

k)  encouraging in each pupil the confidence and ability to cope with pressure, risk and failure as well as success;

l)  promoting personal and social development through opportunity and guidance in individual decision-making, leadership, responsibility and enterprise so that each pupil can develop the requisite skills and confidence to take control of their own life;

m)  celebrating pupil achievement of all kinds and at all levels;

n)  advising each pupil about, and supporting their progression, to successive stages of education.


2.  Aim and Objectives for Pupil Welfare:

To meet the personal and social needs of each individual in a healthy, safe and secure school environment which is dedicated to their care and welfare by:

a)  ensuring that the school continues to be committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children;

b)  maintaining and developing high quality, secure premises in which there exists a clear health and safety culture;

c)  promoting good relationships within a happy, purposeful school community where respect for self and others, courtesy and consideration are valued and practised so that all pupils can flourish;

d)  supporting and nurturing pupils of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds, so that they learn to believe in and value themselves, as well as gaining an understanding of the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect, and acquiring an understanding of the need for tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs;

e) enabling, where possible, pupils with special educational needs and disabilities to participate fully in the school’s curriculum;

f)  promoting individual achievement by building self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence;

g)  safeguarding pupil rights and entitlements, ensuring that they are in line with best practice and legislation;

h)  developing pupils’ sense of personal collective responsibility to their communities in which they both live and work, the wider society and the environment;

i)  providing pupils with a knowledge of institutions and services, together with an understanding of right and wrong and a respect of civil and criminal law;

j)  guiding pupils through the personal, social and emotional changes which affect their lives;

k)  giving pupils benchmarks for high standards of behaviour and dress, which will support the collegiate ethos and generate pride and respect;

l)  encouraging each pupil to pursue a healthy lifestyle, both mental and physical;

m)  developing a culture of e-safety and online awareness, with particular emphasis on social media


3. Aim and Objectives for Partnership:

To seek partnership and develop a culture of trust, openness and self-evaluation so that everyone can benefit from good relationships between the school, the home, the local community and the wider world by:

a)  supporting pupils by working with parents as partners, by reporting progress regularly, by fostering good communications and by listening to views and dealing promptly with concerns;

b)  involving governors, staff, pupils and parents in regular review, evaluation and planning cycles, consulting with pupils and School Councils and communicating changes efficiently and effectively;

c)  fostering good relationships with outside agencies and the local community, for mutual benefit;

d)  enabling the school to be available for external use where feasible;

e)  promoting and establishing links with local schools.


4.  Business Aim and Objectives:

To maintain and develop a high level and quality of service to clients in a cost-effective manner by:

a)  managing the school’s finances prudently and using its resources wisely;

b)  providing, maintaining and enhancing the school premises and buildings in a sustainable manner, with due attention to health and safety matters and the quality of the learning environment;

c)  seeing strong pupil recruitment through parental satisfaction, good public relations and school promotion;

d)  recruiting and retaining well-qualified staff, committed to their own continuous professional development and providing opportunities for staff training in line with identified current and future needs;

e)  ensuring that all staff recruitment adheres to and complies with ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ and ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ (KCSIE);

f)  identifying and developing commercial opportunities in support of the school’s educational purpose;

g)  identifying and developing opportunities in support of the school’s charitable status;

h)  recognising the challenge of economic change, with regard to the local and national economic climate;

i)  building effective alliances within and outside of the school, especially with other schools and the local community.

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