Terms & Conditions

These standard terms and conditions are those of Spratton Hall School, Spratton, Northampton NN6 8HP. These terms and conditions are subject to changes and alterations from time to time by the School of which as much notice as is practicable will be given to parents.

Entry to the School is by interview of the pupil, and written examination where necessary, and the pupil satisfying any other entry requirements applicable from time to time and in the sole discretion of the Headmaster.
The School requires sight of the child’s birth certificate before commencing at the School. For any children who were not born in the UK, the School will also require sight of the child’s passport and any other relevant documentation.

On the submission of the Registration Form to the School a non-returnable Registration Fee is payable. Such registration records that the name of the pupil is on the Entry List and is subject to the formal offer by the School of a place.
On the offer of a place parents must complete and return the Acceptance Form to the School, and pay a deposit of £250.00. Fifty per cent of this total is deducted from the first term’s fees and fifty per cent is deducted from the final fee account, when a child leaves the School at the end of Year 8.

Fees are payable before the first day of any term or by Direct Debit as arranged. Fees include extras which are items authorised by parents or such items as are reasonably incurred by School on behalf of a pupil and normally charged as extras.

Each parent or guardian or person having parental responsibility for the pupil shall sign the Acceptance Form and has a joint and separate responsibility for the payment of fees with the other parent or relevant person.

Fees will be increased from time to time and the School will give as much advance notice to parents of an increase as is practical. It is the School’s normal policy to review the fees once each year.

Any scholarship, bursary, award or allowance which has been made to the pupil may be withdrawn in the absolute discretion of the Head Master if he considers that the aims and objectives are not being met.

Where any fees remain unpaid after the first day of term the School has the right to charge interest, at a rate so determined from time to time by the Board of Governors. Such interest will be charged on a daily basis between the date that payment arose and the actual date when payment is made. In addition, the School reserves the right to charge for administrative costs and those of professional advice in relation to the collection of unpaid fees.

When fees are unpaid the School may at any time exclude a pupil. As per the Code of Conduct as laid down by the Independent Schools Council, we reserve the right to check there are no outstanding fees at the pupil’s previous school. The parents agree that the School may further disclose the situation over unpaid fees to such other School as the pupil may propose to attend. If a pupil joins the School and it then transpires that fees are outstanding at the pupil’s previous school, this may be deemed as breach of contract with us and we reserve the right to exclude the pupil.

Parents must give a full term’s written notice before withdrawing a pupil from the School or pay a term’s fees in lieu of such notice. Formal notice is not required for those leaving at the end of the summer term in Year 8 who have taken entry examinations to their senior schools.
Where a pupil wishes to discontinue any music lessons or the like which are normally charged as an extra a complete term’s written notice is required.
All written notices in this regard must be sent to the Headmaster at the School so that he receives them before the first day of the relevant term for which notice is required.

The School will be responsible for the wellbeing and discipline of pupils while attending the School and for the fostering of a caring environment. Parents agree to give their authority to the School using such physical contact as may be lawful and appropriate. The School does not use any corporal punishment.

The School provides only such insurance cover as it is required to do so by law. The insurance of the personal property of a pupil is the sole responsibility of the parents.

In the event that any Court Order is made in relation to a pupil relating to such matters as parental responsibility, residence, contact and periodical payments, the Head Master must immediately be informed in writing.
In the event that both parents are away from their home overnight during term time the Head Master must be informed in writing of the name of another suitable adult who accepts full responsibility for the pupil together with the address and telephone number of that other person.
Parents and carers should be aware of their responsibilities regarding their use of social networking.

    Parents should not post defamatory, malicious or fictitious comments on social networking sites about any member of the school community
Parents should express concerns or make complaints through official school channels rather than posting them on social networking sites

In the event that a pupil has any existing or new medical condition or suffers from any infectious or contagious illness the Headmaster must immediately be notified in writing.
Should any emergency medical treatment be required to a pupil which is certified by a medical practitioner then the parents are deemed to give consent to such treatment.

The postal address and contact details of a parent or any other relevant person is deemed to be the address and details on the Acceptance Form or their last known address as notified in writing to the School. A parent shall notify the School at any time of their change of address or contact details


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