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  • Year 1 Visit to Gallone's Ice Cream Factory (25.3.15)

    Posted: 26th March 2015

    To celebrate the end of their ‘Italian’ topic, the Year 1 children enjoyed a visit to Gallone’s Ice Cream Factory and Ice Cream Parlour in Kingsthorpe. After a lovely warm welcome, we took an informative tour of this long established business. The children were able to see the ice cream process from start to finish.  Walking through the factory, Mr Gallone explained how the machines worked and what special ingredients are needed. At the end of the afternoon the children were treated to a traditional Italian ice cream or sorbet to enjoy with their friends. Thank you very much Mr Gallone for all your hard work, a very informative factory tour and taste experience was enjoyed by all!

  • Year 4 Indian Workshop (19.3.15)

    Posted: 26th March 2015

    Year 4 had a chance to have a go at looking what Indian people do in their spare time.  
    We had lots of fun dressing up as Indian people.  There were lots of different costumes to try.  Some people dressed up as poor Indian people, some as rich, some as merchants and some as shoppers.  Their clothes were very funny with long trousers, huge tops and some trousers were very thick so we had to tie them up at the side!  We all laughed at them because it looked like you had pony tails coming out of your hips!
    Then we went to the station where we had to write ‘Great wishes’ and ‘Happy Devali’ in Hindu.  Lots of people struggled to write the first few lines but then they got the hang of it.  It was very hard.
    Then we went to the station where we had to decorate the elephant we made in art the week before.  It was fun and some of them were just like the ones they did in India.  Some of them were most peculiar because they had lots of lines that were jagged and curly with dots and stars.  
    Then we went to the station where we could decorate the elephant that was made out of a milk bottle.  It was very cool looking at the other people’s elephants.  They were all very unique and had flowers and glitter all over them.  By Freddie Ling

  • Year 4 Drama Production: All Greek to Me (24.3.15)

    Posted: 26th March 2015

    The Year 4s gave a wonderful performance in their Drama evening, entitled ‘All Greek to me’.  The evening had an Ancient Greek theme, with each class retelling the adventures of Odysseus in the story of ‘The Odyssey’. Songs from the film, ‘Hercules’, were included, sung with gusto by the whole year group and accompanied by three fine drummers.  There were contrasting dances, from the girls gracefully dancing with hoops and ribbons, to the spooky ‘Underworld’ dance performed by a mixed group.  The costumes looked fabulous and the Year 4s coped admirably with their tunics.  
    Well done to all who were involved!

  • Year 6 Visit to Birmingham Art Gallery (24.3.15)

    Posted: 26th March 2015

    We arrived at Birmingham and entered the big grand art gallery where we were split up into two groups. My group went off to the second floor to study portraits, with a tour guide called Anne. The first portrait we studied was a big family portrait. It was called a triptych. The middle section had a picture in oil of Jesus coming back from the dead and seeing Mary Magdalene who could not believe it, she looked confused. The right-hand side section of the picture had a mother with three daughters who looked like nuns. The left-hand section had a father with four sons. After studying this picture we then moved on to the next room. The second portrait was a picture from the Elizabethan era.  She had lots of carefully made lace on her dress. She was wearing a massive ruff which is a big frilly collar. The artist who painted the portrait was called Pickeneay. It was a three-quarter length portrait painted in 1630. The next room had an oil portrait called Doctor Ash.  This showed a wealthy man of letters dressed in britches, which were short trousers.  He had a big ring on his finger.  He was holding a piece of parchment with a building map on it.  It was painted in 1778.  The final portrait we saw in the morning was painted in 1559 .  It was a gentleman called Hugo who looked highly smug.  He was wearing a small rough which was the colour white and holding brown leather gloves.  This was a three quarter length portrait.   This completed our morning tour.  My favourite picture was Doctor Ash because he seemed like a man with a lot about him.

    By Edward Lewis

  • Science Week 2015

    Posted: 23rd March 2015

    We have had a fantastic Science Week with something going on every day. Monday started it all off with every pupil in the school getting to see a glider (many of them got to sit in it), a model hot air balloon one tenth the size of a real one and a real hot air balloon basket where they got to see and hear the burners in action. We were also very lucky as we had a Tiger Moth flypast during morning break which included a loop-the-loop. Tuesday was for Years 3 and 4, as they visited a mobile planetarium in the Dome where they were treated to a trip around the Solar system and the stars. Wednesday was a fun and educational visit by Quantum Theatre who delivered a play to Years 3-6 about Materials called ‘The Big Drip’. Thursday was the Science Fair and we had over thirty entries by the students in the two categories of ‘Timing a Minute’ and ‘The Egg Challenge’. There were, as always, a variety of solutions which was great to see. We had a great day testing the different designs out. Friday finished the week off in style with the whole school outside viewing the eclipse which was a great experience for the children. They all made their own pinhole viewers in form time on Thursday so they could all enjoy it safely. The final activity was Mrs Williams’ Big Bang show which the children all thoroughly enjoyed.

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