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  • Year 7 Head Master's London Visit (13.11.14)

    Posted: 19th November 2014

    Our trip to London was a fantastic experience.  We saw some amazing views from the London Eye, such as the River Thames and lots of different architectural buildings.  We visited the National Gallery and saw many of Van Gogh’s paintings.  I particularly liked looking up close in detail at his famous canvas ‘Sunflowers’.  We also visited Trafalgar Square then the Science Museum and carried out some cool experiments.  Lunch at Pizza Express was a good chance to sit down and talk about our fun day out.  By Samantha Robinson-Forster

  • Uppingham 'On the Buzzer' Quiz Event (18.11.14)

    Posted: 19th November 2014


    In the opening four rounds Spratton competed well but, unfortunately, just missed out on making it through to the quarter finals. We then won a round of 20 questions against three other schools which put us in the final for the plate competition. After ten minutes of questioning, we beat Aldwickbury Prep School 190—70 to win the Plate.


  • Music in Quiet Places (10.11.14)

    Posted: 17th November 2014

    Music in Quiet Places was a brilliant concert with a wide range of instruments. It was also, for some people, their first concert and they did extremely well, especially the two Year 3s that performed. It was also a good chance for the Year 8s to show off their talents in their final year. Overall all performers were outstanding.
    By Douglas Ralston

  • Year 5 Visit to Verulamium, St Albans (17.10.14)

    Posted: 13th November 2014

    This year we began our visit by exploring the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre and did our best to identify the parts of the building which were still visible. The strategically positioned diagrams were of great help. We went on to the museum, where we spent some time in the gallery looking at the exhibits to learn about everyday life in Roman Britain and were surprised to see how comfortable life for the wealthy could be. The lead coffin containing the well-preserved skeleton of a man buried in 200 AD, was particularly interesting because a model of his head had been reconstructed and a video showed us what he might have looked like. It was strange to think that he wandered around this very site all those years ago. The other part of the day was spent handling artefacts ad working out how they might have been used. We also visited the hypocaust and mosaic which was on the site of a Roman villa.

  • Visit from Air Ambulance (13.11.14)

    Posted: 13th November 2014

    A big thank you to Stuart Wilkins who came into school to talk to Years 3-6 and 8 about the work of the Air Ambulance in our area. It was a very interesting talk which gave us an excellent insight into how this emergency service works in our community. We found out that the helicopter can be air born within 45 seconds and can travel 200 miles a minute. We learnt that their ability to react quickly with their specially trained crew on board really does save lives because they can give medical attention so quickly at the accident and transport to the best specialist hospital. Pupils also had an opportunity to ask lots of questions.

    Year 8s will be holding a Home Clothes Day on Monday 15th December in aid of the WNAA. The theme will be festive Christmas jumpers. We hope everyone will help us to raise funds for this vital service in our community.

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