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  • Year 7 Visit to Paris (24.3.14)

    Posted: 01st April 2014

    March Year 7 went to ‘Le Chateau De Grande Romaine’ near Paris.

    During the week the pupils visited the famous French Royal Palace of Versailles.  They learnt about the influential life of King Louis the XIV. They toured round the palace and its famous gardens. Later on, they also went to an authentic French shopping experience at a local hypermarket ‘Carrefour’. Year 7 spent two full days in Paris. On the first day, they were taken to ‘Le Musée Grévin’, Paris wax museum.

    In the morning, they visited the ‘Stade de France’ where we were able to go inside the changing rooms and walked near the pitch. The same day, we toured the heart of Paris by coach. We saw the Opera House and ‘Les Grands Boulevards de Paris’. On Thursday, they visited Montmartre and ‘La Place du Tertre’ where the artists and painters of Paris gather and paint or draw portraits and caricatures of tourists. Later they visited the famous ‘Notre Dame’ Cathedral. Later that day, they went on board a ‘Bateau Parisian’ for a ride on the River Seine. To finish with, they went to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower after having climbed by the stairs to the second floor, from which they could see the whole of Paris.

    At the Château, the pupils took part in the PGL activities among which were archery, treasure hunt, ball games and disco. All the pupils attended French lessons on site and they had to work on a journal during their visit which had to be written in French. They all tried to eat some escargots and other French specialities.    
    Monsieur Seguin

  • Pre-Prep Celebrate Mothers' Day (27.3.14)

    Posted: 28th March 2014

    Our first Pre-Prep Mother’s Day Assembly proved to be a touching, and heartfelt occasion.  Aunties, godmothers and grandmas, in addition to mummies, were all entertained with songs, poems, paintings and pictures, which celebrated all the things that mummies do for us, and told them how very loved and appreciated they are.

    “My mummy looks like a princess”, described one of the Reception children.  They then went on to make hearts melt with their ‘We Love Mummies’ songs.

    Year 1had designed posters of ‘Innovative Inventions’ designed to do lots of jobs that would help mummies to relax.  ‘Roger the Robot’ had sponges on his feet to help clean the floor, and even cooked pancakes, cookies and birthday cupcakes, and made breakfast for mummy in bed.  Whilst the ‘Giant Robot Washing Machine’ sucked up dirty clothes off the floor before washing them in his tummy!

    Year 2 had composed their own Kennings poems, which with a sprinkling of humour and some very moving words, certainly brought a smile to their mummies faces.

    Finally, following a beautiful rendition of ‘Love me Tender’, (after which there was not a dry eye left in the house!) the children presented their mummies with cards and daffodils - and hopefully, some wonderful lasting memories to cherish!

  • Year 4 Drama Production - All Greek to Me (25.3.14)

    Posted: 26th March 2014

    The Year 4 Drama Evening, ‘It’s All Greek To Me’, went superbly. The children displayed a magnificent range of acting skills in three exciting takes on classic Greek myths: ‘Pandora’s Box’, ‘Perseus and the Medusa’ and ‘Demeter and Persephone’. The costumes, props, sound and lighting really added to the spectacle on this excellent evening of theatre. Well done indeed to all of the Year 4s for being word-perfect, acting with such expression and singing the four whole year group songs so beautifully.

  • Shirin Talks to Year 6 about Islam (17.3.14)

    Posted: 25th March 2014

    Year 6 have been studying Islam. A Muslim lady called Shirin came into Year 6 lessons to talk about how Islam affects her daily life. Here are some of the things that the Year 6 found interesting:

    'I learned that the rules are not as strict as I thought they were.' Jenny Wilson

    'I learned that being a Muslim is not just a religion but a way of life.' Will Brinkman

    'Mothers are really respected by Muslims.' Liam Walsh

    'Shirin said she did not find it difficult to fast because her focus was on Allah and not on food'. JJ McManus

  • Year 6 Visit to Birmingham Art Gallery (20.3.14)

    Posted: 25th March 2014

    Year six were split into two groups to see the gallery’s famous Pre-Raphaelites collection and the Photorealism which is the genre of painting based on using photographs to gather visual information to create a painting that appears to be photographic. The term is primarily applied to paintings from the United States art movement that began in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Pupils drew sketches in their sketchbooks of jars full of brightly coloured sweets, motorbikes and a car.
    We then saw the Dhruva Mistry. Mistry’s fountain ‘River’ which is the largest sculptural piece in the square. The other main sculpture is Antony Gormley’s ‘Iron Man’. The girls spent their time drawing the sculpture when most of the boys stood on the round stone shapes pretending to be sculpture!
    In the afternoon the groups changed over and our educational speaker engaged pupils in a dialogue about three paintings each with interesting love stories from Victorian Britian. The paintings are a good source of evidence about Victorian Life and illustrate the social conditions around them as well as their interests in myth, legend, biblical subjects and heroic themes. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the stories and all drew in their sketchbook. It was very interactive and engaging.

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