Science Week - Chemistry Fun (19.3.10)


They looked at how to make a boiled egg bouncy, how to see the inside of an egg without cracking the shell, how to use washing up liquid and food colouring to make a fireworks show in a tray and how invisible gases can have very different properties. He also demonstrated how you can hold fire in your hand (although this is not one for the children to copy!). He then made the mysterious and interesting substance Oobleck, out of cornflour and water which, when mixed long enough, makes a strange substance that you can pick up and roll like a solid, but when you stop applying any force, converts back to a runny liquid. The finalé was to make geysers of coke, using Mentos sweets and 2 litre bottles of Diet Coke. All the children were fascinated by the strange properties of Oobleck and enjoyed seeing Mr Bradnam get covered in assorted gloopy substances while doing his demonstrations!

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