Charity Work

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At Spratton Hall our Year 8 pupils, as part of the PSHCE syllabus, spend time raising awareness and money for a charity of their choice. 

The charities chosen are selected for various reasons and often because of a personal interest on behalf of the pupils.  The charities cover many areas of the local, national and international community.  This year the Year 8 pupils chose the following charities:

Alzheimer’s, Autism Con-cern, British Red Cross, Children’s Society, Hope Centre for the Homeless, Music and the Deaf, Rain-bows Hospice, Royal Brit-ish Legion, Matt Hampson Foundation.

The benefit to everyone, pupils, staff and parents alike, is enormous and enables us to gain a greater awareness of these different charities.  The involvement is not just for the short term.  Many of our pupils continue their interest in the charity long after leaving Spratton Hall.