Department Policy

At Spratton Hall we aim to inspire our pupils to develop a love for the subject, whilst ensuring that they become proficient users of the language.

All children are urged to read books, plays, poems, discursive articles, the internet and newspapers, and to give an informed, convincing opinion based on what they have read, seen or heard. Our fantastic resource, the Townsend Library and Media Centre, is a superb factor in the encouragement of reading skills, the development of knowledge concerning books and authors, and the development of reference and ICT skills.
Major importance is placed on comprehension. All pupils are given the opportunity to discuss ideas and issues in small groups and within the class as a whole. Included here are the use of film, DVD and audio CDs as well as visits to theatre performances and museums for the development of critical evaluation and appraisal. 
Speaking and listening skills, coupled with script-writing, improvisation, mime and voice work are developed in English and through the natural cross-curricular links that exist with Drama.
Information Communication and Technology skills are taught to all children in special ICT lessons, and their development is an essential part of work in English. Written work is displayed regularly in the corridors and classrooms.  Groups are often as small as 10, in order that children can develop at the pace which suits them best.