History Exam


History Exam
There will be three sections to the exam:
·        Section A – Source questions
·        Section B – Extended questions
·        Section C – Extension questions
Section A:
In Section A you will be given three sources. You must read these carefully and try to understand what they are showing. You must then answer four questions. You must use the sources to help you answer the questions. There will be some starter sentences to help you answer the questions correctly.
Section B:
In Section B there will be six questions on the paper, of which you must answer two. You must write your answer in a paragraph and give as much detail, and as many examples, as you can.
Section C:
In Section C there will be two questions on the paper and you must answer one of these questions. You must draw and a label a diagram. This is an extension question and must only be answered if you complete the other two sections.
What should you revise?
1)   The Anglo-Saxons
·        Where they came from.
·        Why they came to England
·        Where and how they settled
·        Religious beliefs
·        Where the evidence has come from
·        Anglo-Saxon Kings (Offa and Alfred)
·        Hierarchy
·        The Anglo- Saxon Village
2)   The Vikings
·        Where they came from
·        Why they came to the British Isles
·        The Viking longboat
We will do some revision in class before your exam. You may take your exercise book home to help with your revision as well.
Remember: Be ACTIVE with your revision!