Young Shakespeare Workshop

 Shakespeare Workshop

On Friday 28th November, Years 5–8 got to spend the day with the Young Shakespeare Company. We took part in a workshop in the morning with the visiting actors and in the afternoon we all watched a performance of ‘Macbeth’.

At the start of the workshop, we all got seated and one of the actors told us all about the play. When he asked for a volunteer, every single pupil had their hand up and Joseph Twiselton was chosen to play King Duncan. The actor explained what type of character King Duncan was and we all had to repeat, ‘Hail, Duncan! King of Scotland’. I was then chosen to be Fleance which I was very excited about. Later in the day, the actors performed ‘Macbeth’ in the Hunter Hall. Everyone in Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 watched the performance and some of us had small parts. The actor playing Macbeth was very funny and loud. We all had to take part with our ‘Hail Duncan!’ line and it was a lot of fun. By Molly Williams