Young Shakespeare Workshop

 Shakespeare Performance

In June, Year 8 spent four days working with Daphne and Fiona from the Young Shakespeare Company. Their aim was to put on a performance of Macbeth involving every member of year 8 on the Thursday evening and they did not disappoint. Parents, siblings and staff were treated to a performance of Macbeth like no other – a mixture of tragedy and comedy in equal measure. Every member of Year 8 played their part convincingly and with confidence. The three Macbeths – Oliver Graham, Joshua Blair and Fergus Ruart all gave a strong but very different interpretation of the protagonist. Anousha Salehi was a menacing Lady Macbeth whilst Isabella Carter and Isobel Gibbs portrayed Lady Macbeth’s descent into madness. Benjamin Dadley did an excellent job of learning a huge amount of lines for his part as Banquo. The comic elements of the play were provided by some extremely well managed scenes involving all pupils – the Irish dancing was particularly memorable – whilst Matthew Coe and Harry Smith displayed their natural comic acting talents. Every year we marvel at how The Young Shakespeare Company achieve such a high standard of performance with the pupils in just four days and we look forward to welcoming them to Spratton Hall again in 2015.