Year 1 2017-2018


As part of their topic ‘Under the Sea’, Year 1 visited the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham for a day of underwater fun and adventure.  The children saw many amazing sea life creatures, including an octopus, jellyfish and seahorses, as well as some more unusual creatures, such as a guitar fish named Beyonce- Ray!  In the afternoon we made our way to the 4D cinema to learn about some fishy friends who go exploring. The children donned their 4D glasses and were treated to an animated interactive show, where they were squirted with water and joggled around on rumbling seats!  A fun day was had by all.

The children in Year 1 delighted their parents, friends and family with a fantastic afternoon of music in the Hunter Hall. The children skilfully played 12 pieces of music on the Ocarina. These included the beautiful tune Little Bird and the up-beat Muffin Man, which had many difficult notes. The audience thoroughly enjoyed joining in with a lively rendition of Old MacDonald had a Farm, which the children thought was great fun! Please enjoy the pictures from our wonderful concert.

Year 1 recently enjoyed a  Native American Dance workshop, led by professional dance teacher, Dee. We began our day, getting into character by painting our faces with tribal patterns. We also made sure we had our headdresses and necklaces on. Once we were in position in the Hunter Hall, we called upon the spirits to inspire and help us, as we warmed our bodies up, ready to dance!

Each class had a different dance to learn with unique and original moves. 1N learnt a rain dance, whilst 1S and 1M performed a pow wow dance. In the afternoon, we continued the fun and learning with a  traditional tale ‘How the Hare Lost his Tail’.

To finish the day off, each class performed their dance to the rest of Year 1. It was a fabulous day with lots of fun had by all.

In PSHE, we have been learning about influential people who have made the world a better place. In Year 1, we have been studying Martin Luther King. The children were shocked to learn about segregation and the unfair treatment of the black community in America. We listened to some of his famous speech ‘I Have A Dream’. We then reflected on our world today, and discussed some modern problems such as pollution, war and poverty. The children then created their own dreams stating how they would make the world a better place.

In Year 1, as well as learning many traditional songs we have also been exploring the different instruments made by Native American tribes. Using balloons and Paper Mache, we have started to make our own rattles. Once these are dry and hard we will collect natural resources to make the ‘rattle’. Then we can decorate them with bright colours, patterns and feathers. We will also be making panpipes and scrapers with recycled materials.

In Year 1, we have been having lots of fun adding and subtracting. We believe that children learn best when they are active and working together. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing addition and subtraction hopscotch. They jumped their way to success by putting the larger number in their head and then counting on the smaller number.

The children also use many practical methods in the classroom to help them with addition and subtraction. They can use numberlines, cubes, beadstrings, 100 squares and even balls and buckets! Look at the fun we are having in Maths!

Year 1 put on an amazing assembly to showcase their learning about the Native American Indians. Wearing their headdresses with pride, they re-enacted the story of The Buffalo Hunt, sang canoe songs and amazed us with facts about totem poles, tribal life and living off the land.

It’s a busy life for a builder in Bethlehem! The shepherds need their barn fixing, the Roman soldiers would like a new podium, and the inn keeper has a hole in his stable roof. This year, our Reception and Year 1 children delighted audiences with the heart-warming tale of ‘The Bethlehem Builders.’ Singing their hearts out and beaming their biggest smiles, all ended well when the builders managed to complete their jobs and even had time to repair a rickety old manger for a very special arrival!

For their first assembly this year, Year 1 took us  ‘out of this world’ as they retold the story of the first men on the moon. The audience watched with baited breath as Neil Armstrong took his very first steps on the moon. Year 1 played the role of some brilliant characters, including reporters, family members, scientists and of course, astronauts. It was a lovely opportunity for the children to encapsulate all that we have learned so far this term in our topic ‘Time Travellers’. There were also some super space-themed songs, complete with actions, that accompanied our assembly and really gave it the WOW factor. Mission accomplished!

Year 1 had a fantastic day learning outside of their classrooms. The children all thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to collect as many natural Autumnal materials as possible. Then, working in small groups it was time to build sculptures inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy.  We made sure that our artistic creations were just right! Everyone had fun working collaboratively and the children produced many unique natural pieces of artwork.

This term the topic of time Travellers has inspired us to develop our knowledge of famous people and famous events both inside and outside of the classroom. Our visit to the space centre was out of this world! The children could bring their learning to life in the planetarium and they felt like real life astronauts.

Later on in the term, we are thrilled to be participating in a virtual reality experience. This opportunity will allow the children to be fully immersed in an interactive space workshop, where they will be wearing virtual reality headsets.

In Numeracy, we are continuing to secure our number recognition, building on the strong foundations from Reception. Most recently, we have enjoyed learning the values of coins and notes, and even touching the new £1 coin, £5 & £10 notes. The children will then be designing and magically appearing on their own notes.

In Literacy, we are building on our phonic and spelling knowledge through practical and active lessons. A focus on letter formation and punctuation is enabling the children to become more independent writers. A strong cross-curriculum link with our topic has inspired children to explore non-fiction and fiction texts about Space.

In Science, we have been learning all about the human body – inside and out! We had enormous fun making our own skeletons using craft materials and lots of glue! We have also been exploring the seasonal changes and the natural world in our wonderful school grounds.

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