Year 1 2018-2019

Year 1 recently wowed their audience with spectacular knowledge of their topic, the Ancient Egyptians, in their Spring Term year group assembly.  The story focused on the Young Archaeologist’s Club who travel back in time to Ancient Egypt to complete a quest.  The explorers had to use the facts that they had learned to solve clues and riddles.

With everyone dressed up, the children looked fantastic and their wonderful singing and dancing made all their grown-ups very proud!  From Making a Mummy to Dancing like an Egyptian, the children put on a superb performance.

Year 1 have been completely wrapped up in their Ancient Egyptian topic! The noise of excited children laughing and having fun, whilst wrapping each other up as Egyptian Mummies, filled our classrooms. It’s not quite as easy as it looks! We didn’t follow the exact sequence – as this started with the head being covered first. It was wonderful surprising our friends, as the mummies came back to life and burst out of their wrapping!

Year 1 extended their knowledge of life in Ancient Egypt during their ‘hands-on’ visit to the New Walk Museum in Leicester. The children took part in four learning workshops; the most popular one being the ‘dress up like a mummy’ activity! Everyone returned to school with a wealth of new knowledge and bundles of enthusiasm for researching the topic further.

What a magical way to end the term with wonderful nativity plays performed by our Pre-Prep children. Reception and Year 1 dazzled us with the delightful ‘Star Struck’, which told the tale of a small star that loved to gaze down from the heavens at all the goings-on in Bethlehem.

Year 1 have taken great interest in the lead up to Remembrance Day, with many of the children noting the various poppies that are being worn. “This one is knitted”, “Mine is made out of silver” and  “We have matching poppies!” are some of the comments the children have made when talking about the important symbol of remembrance.

To help the children understand why we wear poppies, we read the book ‘Where The Poppies Now Grow’ by Hilary Robinson. Whilst thinking about the special messages and the historical information within the story, the children spent an afternoon making poppy biscuits, using red icing and chocolate drops, and finger painting beautiful commemorative poppy pictures.

Year 1 have been studying Italy this term, and as part of our topic we visited Gallone’s Ice-Cream Factory to learn how traditional Italian ice-cream and ice-lollies are made. Aldo Gallone, the owner, gave us a fabulously detailed tour showing us all the machinery and even a trip into the giant freezer, which was minus twenty-four degrees! To finish our visit, we all enjoyed a tasty ice-cream chosen from a wide selection of homemade flavours.

‘Buongiorno!’ Year 1 have been enjoying their topic on Italy. We have learned many fascinating facts including, how to find Italy on a map, what the capital is called and the names of some important buildings. Did you know that the Italian word for ice-cream is ‘gelato’? Next week the children are off to Gallone’s ice-cream parlour to sample some authentic Italian ice-cream.

Year 1 enjoyed discovering more about Italian food at Pizza Express. The children learned about good food and making authentic, Italian pizza.  We had lots to do! Everyone had fun preparing the bases, especially flattening and shaping the dough, then adding the toppings for our Margarita pizzas. Whilst the pizzas were cooking we had a quick quiz about Italian foods.  Back at Spratton we enjoyed eating a delicious pizza picnic with our friends in our classrooms. A yummy experience to remember.

It has been an exciting start to the Autumn Term in Year 1.  The children have all enjoyed completing new challenges with their friends. Everyone had fun creating seasonal tree pictures with the magic paint dabbers! We are looking forward to learning more about ‘Italy’, especially Italian food, on our educational visit to Pizza Express!

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