Year 2 2017-2018

2H have been looking at Claude Monet’s Water Lilies paintings. They used their fingers to create their own pictures in his style.

Every week our Year 2 Choir gathers around Mrs Fountain’s keyboard to learn and practise a range of songs.  Such is their enthusiasm and love for singing that we felt we simply had to showcase their talent by inviting all the children’s grown-ups in to come and listen.  Parents, family and friends gathered upstairs around the Pre-Prep galleried landing for a bird’s eye view of the choir as they sang a fabulous set of songs from well-known musicals.  The children sang their hearts out – there were solos and group parts, and at one point, even a conductor stepped forward to ensure all the actions to ‘Doe a Deer’ were unravelled in the right order.  The children enchanted us all, being both musical and mesmerising throughout!

As part of their topics on ‘Rainforests’ and ‘Mini Worlds and Young Gardeners’, the Year 2 classes went on a trip to the Frontier Centre, an adventure park near to Wellingborough. It was the most beautiful day and everyone was excited to start their adventures in the wild!

The children took part in three main activities, all focusing upon honing their survival skills. The first activity was orienteering, where the children learned how to navigate their way around the site with the help of a simple map. They used a key to identify features of their location, learned about contour lines and practised using points on a compass. Once the children had got to grips with these skills, they took part in a quiz, searching for clues that were hidden around the grounds.

The second activity involved the children in building dens. They listened to a talk about the key features of a strong shelter and what materials could be collected from the forest floor to make them. Then the children worked in groups to make their own woodland dens, thinking carefully about how they could make it strong, stable and waterproof.

Finally, the children learned how to make a fire using only twigs and a strike stick. It was tricky but some of them managed to create a spark and start their own small campfire.

Altogether, the children and teachers had the most fantastic day and are ready to get that call from Ray Mears and Bear Grylls!

What a great afternoon’s Concert – our very own Year 2 Ocarina Club!  We meet every Tuesday lunchtime for 20 minutes and this year have achieved so much.

Items ranged from the beautiful ‘Cockles and Mussels’ to the ‘National Anthem’ and ‘For he’s a Jolly Good Fellow’!

The children performed exceptionally well and deserve to feel so proud of themselves.

Year 2 came together on Tuesday to share some of their learning journeys from this term.

They began with a fantastic dance routine choreographed by Mrs Hope, before telling us ways in which we can stay happy and healthy.

We were then fortunate to hear about and see a short movie of the fun filled day they spent at the SnowDome.

Finally we learned all about L.S Lowry and his wonderful matchstick paintings.

It was then time for the grown-ups and Year 1 to have a dance! A fun time was had by all.

 In Year 2 the children have started an Art topic based on ‘Self Portraits’.  To begin the work the children made pictures with graphite pencils, experimenting to find out what types of marks can be made by applying different levels of pressure and making different shapes and patterns.  Then they used these skills to create their self-portrait, thinking carefully about which marks would best be used for their hair, eyes, eye lashes and so on.  The finished work has made the Year 2 classroom look amazing!

The children used their computer skills this term to research a polar animal, this linked to our Pole to Pole topic which the children are thoroughly enjoying. Year 2 were able to share their knowledge of word processing and had fun creating different fonts with various colours and adding photos which they had copied and pasted onto their work.

Year 2 have been learning about the famous artist L.S Lowry this term. The children used Lowry colours, created buildings and thought about perspective when positioning them onto a background. Finally the children enjoyed creating matchstick people to add to their work.


The children in Year 2 went to the Snowdome as part of their work on the Polar Regions.

Whilst there, they had the chance to go tubing on the icy slopes and then play in the snow – sledging with friends and making snowballs. Whilst on the trip, the children learned about the correct clothing to wear in icy weather conditions and they found out that the temperature at the Snowdome was minus four degrees. They also thought about what it would be like for the animals who live in frozen environments and considered how their bodies have adapted to cope with the cold conditions. On the return to school the children discussed what it would be like to live in a place that was snowy all the time.  They all decided that they would love it!

With hammers, saws and chisels at the ready, Year 2 delighted us with their performance of ‘The Apprentice’. This charming tale told the story of Simeon, a kind old carpenter who takes on Sarah, a young apprentice, to share his heavy workload. Sarah’s skills are soon put to the test one starry night when Bethlehem is filled with visitors and suddenly everyone has a bit of woodwork that needs attending to. With many lines to learn, solos to be sung and some complex stage directions to follow, the children gave a performance to be truly proud of!

Year 2 ventured onto the Life Bus, where they explored the importance of helping people and being kind. The children had lots of fun meeting Harold the Giraffe and his friends, and enjoyed interacting with the visual learning resources, videos and songs. Having discussed who they could talk to if they ever felt unhappy or worried, the children then explored what it meant to be a good friend to those around them.  They even found out that smiling is contagious and makes other people smile back!

Year 2 have made an excellent start to their learning journeys this term.

In Literacy lessons, the children have impressed us with their creative writing. They have written fantastic character profiles using a mixture of wonderful vocabulary and their accurate use of punctuation marks.

Maths lessons have been busy too! The children have confidently partitioned numbers and also solved tricky number sentences.

During Science lessons, materials have been explored and the children have had a wonderful time classifying and describing their properties. One of the highlights so far has been exploring the school to investigate everyday materials and their uses.

As the term continues, there are plenty more exciting opportunities and activities to look forward to. We are particularly looking forward to our Christmas Play performance and a visit to the theatre to watch ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

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