Year 2 2018-2019


Year 2 had a fabulous day at Cadbury World. We learned about the history of Cadbury and how chocolate is made from a bean to a bar. We all loved tasting melted Cadburys chocolate and chose our favourite 2 toppings to go on top! Our trip ended with a fantastic 4D experience. A yummy day was had by all!

In Science we have been learning about the different food groups and how to live a healthy lifestyle. As Easter is approaching we have been learning that is a time to have some treats! The children thoroughly enjoyed making cheesecake. They bashed and crushed the biscuits, the combined them with melted butter to make a firm base for the cheesecake. Then they weighed and measured the cream cheese, double cream and icing sugar and then whipped them together. After a long chill in the fridge the children finally got to decorate their piece of cheesecake with a beautiful array of fresh berries. As well as being tremendously enjoyable to make and eat, this cooking experience revised their knowledge of weight in g and kg as well as ml and l. Happy Easter from 2M.

In Year 2, the children have been learning about healthy eating and worked as ‘little chefs’ to make a fruit salad. As part of this activity, they thought about hygiene before cooking, what fruits they would like to use and how to handle the equipment safely. They also investigated where the different fruits are grown and considered the impact of food miles on the environment.

Year 2 were treated to a special assembly from the Year 8 House Captains this morning. The Captains confidently presented a short biography about each of the explorers and explained the different mottos and ethos of each house. The children were given the opportunity to ask lots of questions and they really put the Captains’ knowledge to the test! They also explained how the children can earn valuable points for their houses next year. All the Year 2 children left the assembly feeling excited and informed about the different houses they will join when they enter Year 3.

World Book Day is always a special day in Pre-Prep. The children have really embraced the day and participated in numerous book related activities. Year 2 entertained us this morning with their fantastic singing of ‘I like Books!’ A perfect song for the day.

Year 2 enjoyed celebrating St David’s Day on Friday 1st March by creating their own daffodils. They used a variety of media from collage, to paint and chalk.

In Literacy, Year 2 have been exploring poems about the 5 senses. We took advantage of the glorious February weather and roamed the grounds of the school, discovering what we could feel, see, touch and hear. When we returned to the classroom the children took part in a taste test. There were fits of laughter and screams of horror as the children tried ketchup, bran flakes, mint sauce and cream cheese, to name a few. This experience immersed the children and they wrote some beautiful, descriptive sentences which included adjectives and similes.

As part of their topic about explorers, the children in Year 2 took a fantastic trip to the Snow Dome. They thought about what it would be like to live in a freezing cold climate and how they would move about in the ice and snow. The children had a terrific time sledging and building in the snow.

In Year 2 the children have begun their exciting ‘Explorers’ topic. They have drawn super portraits of Ibn Battuta, learned facts about the life of Christopher Columbus and imagined what it would be like to go on an expedition to Antarctica with Robert Falcon Scott.

In Year 2, the children have been learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh.  We looked at many of his paintings, thinking carefully about how his work developed over time.  We finished by studying the picture, ‘A Starry Night’, reflecting upon the colours he chose and the brushstrokes he used to create this piece of art.  To finish, the children created their own beautiful Starry Night pictures.

It was party time in Year 2 as they told the ‘Tale of Two Birthdays’, and celebrated King Casper’s special day. However, as singing camels, mysterious Eastern Dancers and weary shepherds all made an appearance, it soon transpired that there was another birthday being celebrated not so far away in a star lit stable. With twirling angels and majestical kings (and not forgetting their very bossy wives!) the children delivered their lines clearly, danced beautifully, sung their hearts out and, quite simply, put the sparkle into Christmas!

Pre-Prep are immensely proud of their Year 2 Choir and Year 2 Ocarina Club.  Gathering together each week, during a lunchtime and after school, the children have exercised their musical skills by quickly learning new songs and pieces of music.  They are positively brimming with enthusiasm, with a wonderful thirst for learning new pieces, and so Mrs Fountain has planned many new challenges from solos, duets, ostinatos and rounds ~ we can’t wait to hear what the children do next!

In Year 2 we have been learning about the 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1. In 1918 a famous sweet company produced a delicious bag of treats called ‘Peace Babies’ to celebrate the end of the war. These were made to share with loved ones as a sign of peace. The sweet flavour was to remind us of all the goodness in the world. The sweets are still made to this day but have a new name – Jelly Babies. We shared some delicious ‘Peace Babies’ and discussed what the word peace means to us.

In Art this term Year 2 have been learning about abstract art. This week we looked at Jackson Pollock’s style and some examples of his work. The children enjoyed replicating his technique to create their very own drip paintings.

Year 2 are learning about Materials in Science. The children identified many different materials and their uses during a hunt around the school. We explored the playgrounds, Trim-trail and classrooms in the main building. Here are some of the fantastic pictures the children took using the iPads and the PicCollage app.

What a wonderful start to the school year the children have made. New routines have been introduced and the children have enjoyed getting to know their new classrooms and teachers. With gum shields, hockey sticks and rugby shirts to hand, Year 2 have been experiencing Games lessons for the first time with much excitement. With lots to look forward to this term, I am sure the children will make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.

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‘Moving On’ Information Evening for all current Pre-Prep parents and parents new to Pre-Prep and Year 3

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