Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care of our pupils is of the utmost importance and this is overseen by the Head of Pastoral Care, Mrs Charlie Benn, who acts as our Designated Safeguarding Lead.  Mrs Benn can be contacted on the school telephone number: (01604) 847292 or by email on:

Additionally, all pupils have a tutor who is responsible for the academic and pastoral welfare of those in their care. Tutors keep the Head Master, the Head of Pastoral Care, the Heads of Years and the staff as a whole informed about their tutees.  The Tutors have an additional level of support in the Heads of Year.  The Tutors and Heads of Year have regular meetings.  The current Heads of Year are: Mr Dixon – Year 3, Miss Savage – Year 4, Mr White – Year 5, Mr Wilson – Year 6, Mrs Roberts – Year 7 and Mr Roberts – Year 8. (Please click here for more information about the tutor system).

The school has a Chaplain who leads our church services and provides further pastoral support. Spratton Hall is fundamentally Church of England but our inclusive approach means that pupils of other denominations and faiths are most welcome and encouraged.

All children are encouraged to be responsible and to look after each other with mutual respect and consideration.  Year 8 pupils are given positions of responsibility in their final year and we have a Head Boy and Head Girl who help to lead the way in setting an example for all other pupils in the school.

Child Protection & Safeguarding

Spratton Hall believes that all children have a right to grow up and learn in a safe and secure environment.  If we have any concerns about a child’s safety we will usually speak to you as parents in the first instance. Often through talking things through, the concerns that have been raised are explained or further support is arranged and we can move forward from there. Very occasionally, concerns might be raised that we may feel that by talking directly with you, might put the child more at risk.  In some instances, these cases are then referred to Social Services.  This procedure enables us to protect children at risk and we make no apology for taking the attitude that where there are grounds for suspicion, it is better to be safe than sorry.  Unfortunately, this means that we risk upsetting some parents by reporting a case, which upon investigation proves unfounded.

Our Safeguarding Policy can be accessed by clicking this link to our Policies page.

If you are worried about a child outside of school time, or you cannot speak to us, you should call the local Multi Agency Support Hub (MASH) for advice (anonymously if needs be) on 0300 126 1000 or click this link: Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Partnership.



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