Edmodo is a new and exciting online learning platform which we have introduced to the pupils in Y4-8. It is an innovative way of passing information to pupils, aiding them with their learning while at the same time promoting development of Computing skills and greater independence.

At Spratton Hall the teachers are able to use it in the following ways:

  • to give instructions for completion of simple preps
  • to set online interactive preps that encourage pupils to use Computing skills as well as subject specific skills
  • to attach useful files, documents, web links, video clips, interactive worksheets, revision material, or any other material thay may aid a pupils’ learning
  • to provide extension work for those pupils interested in a particular subject
  • to pass back immediate feedback on preps or other work, through a simple forum for responding to work submitted
  • to assist in the delivery of lessons in school, where teachers can deliver some of the content of a lesson through attached links to their Edmodo groups

We feel that all these positive benefits motivate pupils, develop good cross-curricular skills, and provide us with an exciing interactive resource with which to expand pupils knowledge and skills.

With any such system there are occasional problems which we have attempted to address through the FAQ’s sub-section to this page.

Attached below is a simple user guide for parents for Edmodo which explains the basic setup and how it functions.

What is Edmodo


Edmodo FAQ’s

These are some of the most common problems which have occured with Edmodo so far. As other problems, or indeed solutions, occur we will endeavour to update the faq’s to answer as many queries as we can.

This is a problem for parents living in rural areas and without a good broadband internet link. We have tried to find ways of compressing video files particularly to help with this. Some possible solutions to the problem are:

  • if a pupil is staying for prep and they know this is an issue prioritise doing the Edmodo prep at school where the internet speed is good. All preps are held in rooms with computers so this is possible.
  • if a file does not download, or a video file does not show, then seek out the teacher setting the work, and either ask for a hard copy of the worksheet, or if a video file ask if they can download onto a memory stick/ CD for the pupil to take home.

It may be as simple as they have forgotten their password or username. If they speak to Mr. Stuttard he can reset passwords or usernames can be found and passed onto the pupils.

Each teacher sets up their own groups and has login codes which are given to pupils in class. Often the problem is as simple as it has been copied down incorrectly, or that a letter such as a lower case l or o is mistaken for a 1 or 0. Try alternative combinations of these sorts of things. If this still fails, ask the child to see the teacher concerned to get the correct code. If there is still a problem, ask the teacher concerned to help the child join the group on Edmodo, it only takes seconds to login at school and join a group. We have created a specific diary page for pupils to write down these codes more clearly to help alleviate this problem.

Pupils are still being given the prep instructions in class by the teacher for them to copy into their planners so there should still be a record of any prep given. Sometimes additional instructions are added on Edmodo but the main thrust of what to do should still be in planners for you to check. If not, check your child knows they need to copy down instructions carefully and not just write ‘On Edmodo’, as this does not help you know what it is. If the problem persists, let the teacher concerned know so they can check the pupil is writing the prep down accurately in the lesson.

It is the case that at Spratton we are using Office 2010 so earlier versions of Office may struggle to download Word/ Excel type documents. It is possible to download free conversion software from the internet to enable these documents to be read. We are also investigating being able to provide a cheap version of Office 2010 for parents so they can upgrade their home machines – further information on this will follow.

Mac Users – this is a slightly tougher problem to solve at the moment, we are investigating ways for Mac Users to open and return files in formats that we can read. We will post solutions to this when we have them.

This will always be a problem, and the best solution is perhaps for children to prioritise what needs doing most urgently and get that done if they can, and if necessary see if they can speak to the teacher about an extension if needed. If a pupil is staying for prep it would be good for them to do any Edmodo prep at school where there is easier access to computers. With Y6 and 7 pupils having thir own tablets, hopefully this will alleviate some of the issues as they can do some of the work on these devices. Failing all this, talk to the teacher who may be able to give you a hard copy of the prep so you can do it on paper rather than online.

It would be a good idea to save any work done on Edmodo at home in a folder setup for your child on the computer. If you can set up a folder perhaps called ‘Edmodo work’ in an easy to access part of the home PC, then any work can be saved there as well as turned in to school. If any of it is needed for revision it can then be viewed, or indeed printed out if necessary. This will of course require the pupil to ensure they do save everything at home.

At worst any document they send back into school will still be on their Edmodo profile so they will be able to scroll through the posts and find documents if necessary, but this is perhaps a more long-winded approach.

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