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At Spratton we live by our Community Code with the aim that staff and pupils alike, treat each other as we would all wish to be treated Рwith consideration, kindness and respect. That means we should make it as easy as possible, in the classroom, for pupils to learn and teachers to teach. We encourage politeness and kindness to others at all times. We ask that pupils respect each other, their uniform and school property and that they behave in a safe manner.  As ambassadors of the school, and their families, the pupils at Spratton are expected to be polite and show kindness to adults and fellow pupils at all times.

The following policies and information are also available to parents on request from the School:

  • Educational and welfare provision for pupils with statements and pupils for whom English is an additional language;
  • Health and safety provision;
  • The number of complaints registered under the formal complaints procedure during the preceding school year.
  • The number of staff at the school including temporary staff and a summary of their qualifications.

Should you require a copy of any of the above, please contact the School Office on 01604 847292 or email

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