Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Spratton Hall prides itself on following the advice stated by the Incorporated Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) on how to ensure sport is enjoyed by all.

Coaches and Teachers

All Spratton Hall staff ensure that the children play for fun and enjoyment and that winning is only a part of this.

Spratton Hall commits to ensure that all coaches are informed on coaching principles appropriate to the age they are teaching and that all equipment and facilities meet the correct safety standards.

Spratton Hall staff understand the importance of being a positive role model and leading by example (ensuring positive behaviour and respect) towards all players and match officials and parents.


Spratton Hall’s pupils are expected to:

  1. Accept decisions and let their captain or coach ask any necessary questions
  2. Be a good sport
  3. Play for the fun and enjoyment of it
  4. Respect their opponents, match officials and any decisions made
  5. Work hard for the team as well as themselves
  6. Treat all players as they themselves would wish to be treated

Parents and Spectators

Spratton Hall requests that all parents/spectators to sport matches remember the following:

  1. To support positively but avoid ‘coaching’ comments that may contradict coaches’ instructions
  2. Applaud good play by both sides and show respect for the team’s opponents.
  3. Condemn the use of violence in all forms
  4. Respect the decisions made by the officials and encourage the children to play to the rules
  5. Remember that children learn by example so ensure all language and behaviour is appropriate
  6. Emphasise enjoyment and fun
  7. Praise and reinforce effort and improvement
  8. Recognise the value and importance of coaches. Recognise that they give their time, energy and experience to provide guidance for each child
  9. Accept and support the coaches’ decision on team selection

Match Teas

Spratton teas are justifiably renowned amongst other schools.  Match teas are provided for parents and guests.  We also provide drinks and biscuits for any children who may be attending or watching with parents.  (Pupils playing are provided with a tea.)

As a matter of courtesy, all pupils playing are expected to stay for match tea, whether at Spratton or visiting other schools. However, we do not allow pupils to join in the Parents’ match tea. The reasons are obvious and if we allowed one then we would have to allow all children – match tea would soon disappear and parents would be left with an empty plate!

The pupils at Spratton know the expectations and therefore I would expect all parents to support the school, never mind how tempting the occasional cake or sandwich may be.

Saturday / Missing Matches

As parents will be aware, we do give every child the opportunity to represent the school at as many sports events as possible throughout the year. Six years ago there were virtually no C or D fixtures and few 2nd team fixtures. I am pleased to say that has all changed.

However, part of the commitment to our total involvement is being available for Saturday fixtures. The last thing we ever want to do is to cancel a fixture, but there have been one or two occasions, particularly last summer, when last minute phone calls meant that we were not able to put a team out, therefore disappointing not only our pupils but the opposition as well.

I very much appreciate that there will be occasions when prior engagements mean that some children are unable to play on a Saturday. All I ask is for parents to please write, or preferably email me, as soon as possible so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Thank you

Head Master

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