Art Scholarships

Awarded Art Scholarships 2021

Congratulations to Elsa Qu who has been awarded an Art Scholarship to Oakham School.  This is her self-portrait inspired by the ‘Mona Lisa’.

Congratulations to Isla Lacey who has been awarded two Art scholarships, one the Princethorpe College and the other to Northampton High School. This is her self-portrait inspired by ‘The Scream’.




Rugby Art Scholars 2021

Each scholar has been asked to explain what their inspiration has been for their scholarship artwork.

Elsa Qu

I first started to like art when I was very little. I used to experiment with colour and paint and make all sorts of crafts, including mini statues and ornaments. My favourite artist has always been Vincent Van Gogh because he sees the world in a different way. For example I love his ‘Starry Night’ painting. He drew the sky as if you could see it moving in the picture and he drew all the clouds, swirling around each other with each one of the stars giving out its own light. His use of colour and texture is also stunning.

I really like this style of work where texture and colour is incorporated because it makes the whole painting look as if it is going to jump out of its frame. I have tried to use his technique of little dashes and lines to draw other scenes and I really enjoyed doing it. This kind of work really inspires me.

I also enjoy doing modern art because it has a lot more colour and texture in it and it is more and more abstract. I like abstract because you can explore and go wild on what’s inside your brain and put it o

n paper. For some of the works I do, only I can understand what it is a picture of, because it is what is inside my mind and it is how I see the object. If a lot of people draw or paint the same thing they will all be different because everyone sees things differently and we all have different focus points, resulting in completely different types and styles of work. This is what I especially like about art.

Isabella Lang

I have always been passionate about art and I have worked really hard to improve my art techniques while developing my ideas. I enjoy trying out different art styles because I love the contrast and variety between them. Every single type of art is fascinating, there is no right or wrong, good or bad in art. It is the meaning, the story and the difference in art that interests me.

One of my favourite art styles is Pop art because of the effective and eye catching colours used. This is so different from all the other periods, and a step forward towards modern art. I really enjoy painting in Pop art style because this allows me to create something special and unique.

I also love surrealism because of the dream-like scenes and symbolisms. In surrealism people express their opinions of this world in their art. This is why my favourite artist is Frida Kahlo as her artwork is one of a kind. When looking at her work you can see her emotion and feel as if you are watching a movie of her life playing!

My proudest work is my self portrait. I designed the set up and painting of the photo by adding in my own creativity which made it more personal. In the future I would love to design more imaginative and visionary artwork.

Shirley Lin

‘Everything you can imagine is real’ was one of the things my teacher used to say that stuck in my head. It was really what inspired me to pick up my pencil and pour my creativity onto paper as a young child. I really liked the design of particular characters in some cartoons I used to watch and I loved how each and every character had a specific personality or backstory and how their design reflected on it. That is what I love about art and the creativity and ideas drawn onto the page, I think, is the purest form of art.

I studied and loved Arthur Rackham because when I looked more deeply into this artist I was amazed by the details and creativity of his drawings. I loved how the illustrations were slightly rough around the edges as if it was still a sketch. It’s as if the artist actually understands the personality and the behaviour of the characters he is drawing rather than just blanky sketching them out without any emotions. When I look at his drawings I see the combination of the two art styles that I really love – Photo Realism and Surrealism.

 Tilly Jenkins

Many factors influence my work but the main person that influences my art is the artist, Edgar Degas, who drew and painted ballerinas in the impressionist era. In my portfolio I have a page of Degas dancers and then a big A2 portrait of me dancing, as this is another one of passions. He influences my art style, as I like the tiny brushstrokes he uses. I love the colours of his backgrounds too and I explored them for my A4 dancer studies.

I really like to spend time drawing, as it relaxes me. When I do this, anything can influence me. A book I have read, a programme I have watched or a colour scheme I have seen. If I like something, for example a particular colour, I will try to use that in my art, for example as a background colour. If an idea seems interesting to me, I will try to do my own version of it, which I will then paint or draw and make into a finished piece in my portfolio. One of my other favourite pieces of work is a photo I took of distorted words through a glass, inspired by some photos of distorted images through glass I found online. I then painted it and it is now a finished piece of work in my portfolio.


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