The Drama Curriculum

The curriculum in Year 3 covers a range of skills, introducing a wider range of drama terminology, with a different skill set introduced each half term. The children are encouraged to develop their ability to discuss and plan ideas together to create improvised scenes.  They perform in pairs or groups to the form, using mime or speech.  There is a performance by Year 3 at the start of February.

The drama work based around the rainforests at the start of Year 4 is linked to the work covered in Geography.  It involves a fictional drama scenario set in a rainforest village but using factual information they have learned and share.  The group drama is developed with meetings and problem solving scenarios, including conflict situations.

Year 4 start using scripts and their plays, performed in March, are based on Ancient Greek myths. They then apply their performance skills to script work in the summer term, acting and directing short scenes.

In Year 5 the children are building on skills learnt and showing that they can work with some confidence.  They explore issues and feelings through drama, for example following stories exploring issues around bullying and stereotyping.  Through whole group drama they develop the ability to support others and communicate more effectively in group activities.

When working towards the Year 5 production, the children take an active part in creating the script through writing in role, as well as being involved in building scenes and empathising with the characters.

Much of the drama curriculum in Year 6 links to, and supports, the English curriculum.  This enhances work and builds confidence in both areas, allowing for more in depth character study and reinforcement of structures and techniques.  A range of areas with related skills and techniques are explored, with some Shakespeare, ‘Macbeth’, introduced.

An evening of the A to Z of poetry is performed for the Year 6 Drama evening in the Spring term.  Linked through both English and Drama, all the children are involved in performing a variety of poetry and songs.

Years 7 and 8 continue to build on, develop and extend the techniques, strategies and skills that enable the children to perform and work with confidence in different learning contexts.  They are involved in shaping and structuring more in-depth improvisations and scenes in imaginative and responsible ways, focusing on characterisation, empathy and communicating coherently.

Later in the year the Year 7s present an entertaining drama evening and the Year 8s work over four days to present a Shakespeare play for performance after Common Entrance.

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June 22 2021 • 18:00 - 18:00

‘Moving On’ Information Evening for all current Pre-Prep parents and parents new to Pre-Prep and Year 3

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Boys’ Cricket – Colts A,B,C&D vs Fairfield (H)

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June 23 2021 • 14:30 - 14:30

Girls’ Cricket – Jets B&C vs Foremarke (H)

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Pre-Prep Sports Day

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Boys’ Cricket – U9A,B&C vs Leicester Grammar (A)

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