Wellbeing & Pastoral Care


The wellbeing of our pupils is the thread that runs through everything that we do at Spratton Hall, and we strive to ensure that happiness is woven throughout the whole curriculum and our extra-curricular activities.

Pastoral Care

Pupil wellbeing is a top priority for the Head Master and the Head of Pastoral Care, who work closely with parents, pupils and teachers to address any concerns the children may have, both online and offline. All pupils have access to a specialist app called Tootoot which allows them to communicate their concerns in total confidence at any time of the day or night. Initiatives such as ‘Girls on Board’ and our PHSCE lessons also tackle topics like friendships and relationships to build resilience as girls and boys in the Prep school develop and grow.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We recognise that good mental health, both in and outside of school, is essential for successful teaching and learning. As such, our Mental Health Lead is always available to offer appropriate support, reassurance or intervention and signposting for all pupils, parents and teachers. The Mental Health Lead is assisted by a large Pastoral team, including Wellbeing Ambassadors. Senior pupils help communicate the importance of speaking out about mental health to their peers, through pupil-based initiatives, by presenting in assemblies and by being a friendly face for any pupils who are not sure where to seek initial support.


Kindness is paramount and from Reception onwards, the children are taught the value of respecting others and themselves. In Pre-Prep the children walk around with metaphorical kindness buckets which they have to fill with kind acts during the day, while in the Prep School there is a literal kindness tree. Teachers and pupils recognise the kind deeds of others, writing them on ‘leaves’ and attaching them to the branches, demonstrating how kindness can spread and grow, creating a protective canopy for everyone at school.

Health and Fitness

With so much sport, and physical exercise at Spratton Hall the children are inevitably fit and healthy. The catering team also prepares hot, nutritious lunches, snacks and teas ensuring that they always have the energy they need for a busy school day.

Digital Detox

Parents appreciate the fact that mobile phones are prohibited at Spratton Hall. Our online safety is our prime consideration, and we ensure our network and systems are impenetrable. Using security tools that complement our online learning platform Google Classroom, such as Google’s extensive range of security features, Screencastify, and Go Guardian, children can browse, meet, share, and upload securely, both at school and at home. In Pre-Prep the children also regularly escape to our Forest School to learn in a peaceful natural setting.

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