Teaching Staff

Allam, Justine, MrsYear 3 Tutor, Maths, Gamesjla@sprattonhall.com
Anscomb, Kathryn, MissYear 2 Teacherkha@sprattonhall.com
Barnard, Gareth, MrHead of Boys' Games, PEgdb@sprattonhall.com
Benn, Charlotte, MrsHead of Pastoral Care, Head of Learning Supportcjb@sprattonhall.com
Bianco, Kristel, MsYear 6 Tutor, Maths, Danceksb@sprattonhall.com
Blason, Sarah, MissHead of PE & Girls' Gamesslb@sprattonhall.com
Bold, Anna, MrsReception Teacheracb@sprattonhall.com
Bradnam, Julie, MrsFrench, Science, Gamesjbd@sprattonhall.com
Bradnam, Steve, MrDirector of Studies, Maths, Gamessrb@sprattonhall.com
Busby, Dan, MrHead of Maths, Games, Head of Enrichment & Extensiondab@sprattonhall.com
Canty, Sam, MrYear 5 Tutor, Maths, Gamesslc@sprattonhall.com
Clarke, Danny, MrsTeacher of English, Geography, Religious Studiesdac@sprattonhall.com
Clarke, Simon, MrHead Mastersjc@sprattonhall.com
Dixon, Joe, MrHead of Year 3, Year 3 Tutor, Head of Frobisherjgd@sprattonhall.com
Dow, Caroline, MrsYear 4 Tutor, Head of Geography, Girls' Gamescmd@sprattonhall.com
Dow, Rob, MrDeputy Head Master, Head of Latin, Boys' Gamesrpd@sprattonhall.com
Dunford, Rebecca, MrsPre-Prep Year 1rld@sprattonhall.com
Fordy, Sally, MrsLearning Support, Head of Grenvilleslf@sprattonhall.com
Fountain, Andrea, MrsMusic Teacheralf@sprattonhall.com
Garner, Kate, MrsTeacher of FDT, PE & Gameskag@sprattonhall.com
Gillam, Mandy, MrsTeacher of Latin, Englishajg@sprattonhall.com
Hanford, Patricia, MrsHead of Drama, English, Year 5 Tutorpah@sprattonhall.com
Hope, Sharon, MrsYear 2 Teacherseh@sprattonhall.com
Kennedy, Claire, MrsYear 3 Tutor, Mathscek@sprattonhall.com
Kennedy, Mark, MrHead of History, Year 8 Tutor, Gamesmrk@sprattonhall.com
Lindsay-Smith, Julia, MrsHead of English, Year 6 Tutorjls@sprattonhall.com
Littlewood, Rachael, MrsPre-Prep Year 2rll@sprattonhall.com
McKenna, Catherine, MrsYear 1 Teachercam@sprattonhall.com
Moreton, Julie, MrsHead of Artjrm@sprattonhall.com
Morrell, Nicola, MissDirector of Music, Englishncm@sprattonhall.com
Nicholson, Janet, MrsYear 1 Teacherjjn@sprattonhall.com
Powell, Mary, MissYear 3 Teachermap@sprattonhall.com
Roberts, Charlotte, MrsHead of Year 7, Head of RS, Englishchr@sprattonhall.com
Roberts, Jeremy, MrSenior Master, Director of Activities, Head of Year 8, Year 8 Form Teacher, Sustainability, Gamesjpr@sprattonhall.com
Sanchez, Fiona, MrsHead of Pre-Prepfjs@sprattonhall.com
Savage, Chloe, MissHead of Year 4, Art, Drama, History, FDTcms@sprattonhall.com
Scherrer, Rachel, MrsTeacher of French, Learning Supportrsc@sprattonhall.com
Seguin, Emmanuel, MrHead of French, Year 6 Tutorefs@sprattonhall.com
Sibbald, Liz, MrsLearning Supportems@sprattonhall.com
White, James, MrHead of FDT, PE, Games, Head of Year 5, Year 5 Tutor, Computingjww@sprattonhall.com
Wightman, Rob, MrMaths, Science, Games, Year 4 Tutorrdw@sprattonhall.com
Williams, Cath, MrsHead of PSHCE, Year 8 Tutor, RS, PE, Gamescmw@sprattonhall.com
Williams, Jay, MrEnglish, Drama, Gamesjjw@sprattonhall.com
Williams, Liz, MrsHead of Science, Chemistry, Gamesegw@sprattonhall.com
Wilson, Markus, MrSenior Teacher, Head of Year 6, English, Lifelong Learningmgw@sprattonhall.com
Woodhouse, Oliver, MrYear 7 Tutor, English, Maths, Science, Games, PE, Head of Raleighogw@sprattonhall.com
Woollcott, Rachael, MissScience, Lifelong Learningraw@sprattonhall.com
Yeo, Penny, MissReception Teacher, Head of Early Yearspjy@sprattonhall.com
Cowley, Toby, MrGames, Computingtec@sprattonhall.com

Upcoming Events

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September 18 2021 • 09:30 - 09:30

1st and 2nd VIIs at Bedford Modern Hockey Tournament (A)

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September 20 2021 • 16:15 - 16:15

4th and 5th VIIs Hockey v Quinton House (H)

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September 20 2021 • 17:30 - 17:45

Information Evening for Year 7 Parents and Pupils for Edale in the Hunter Hall

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September 21 2021 • 08:45 - 09:10

Senior House Maths Competition

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September 21 2021 • 10:30 - 18:00

Year 4 Study Visit to the Living Rainforest, Newbury

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September 22 2021 • 14:30 - 14:30

1st and 3rd VIIs Hockey v Winchester House (A)

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