Head of Oundle School Visits Spratton 12.1.24

A warm welcome was given to visiting Head of Oundle School, Mrs Sarah Kerr-Dineen, who presented this morning’s assembly on the subject of knowledge versus understanding. Opening the assembly with the premise that everyone in the room knows more that they did this time last year, last week and even yesterday, she revealed some of the knowledge that she had gained this week which included: 🐵 Monkeys peel bananas from the other end to the stalk. 📖 Hornswoggle is a real word (ask your child if they can remember what it means). 🍇 Grapes are poisonous to dogs. Stating that, ‘every piece of knowledge changes us and makes us different to those around us’, Mrs Kerr-Dineen, concluded by reminding the audience that knowledge was fantastic but understanding that knowledge was even more important. She, therefore, encouraged the children to always ask questions and be curious in their learning. Mrs Kerr-Dineen then met with parents in the Drawing Room to answer any questions they had about an Oundle education.

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