Clubs & After School Care

The Pre-Prep teaching day finishes at 3.30pm, after which the children are free to be collected and taken home.  However, children are able to stay later and we have a range of clubs and after school activities to keep them busy, entertained and happy!

Story Time: 3.40 – 4.00 pm

If staying until 4.00pm, which coincides with the end of the Prep School day, the children are able to enjoy quiet story time activities within their year groups and are offered fresh fruit, milk or water as a refreshing snack.

Late Duty Provision: 4.00 – 5.20 pm

We offer a ‘Late Duty’ facility for parents who wish for their children to stay at school later.  Late Duty, which is held in the Pre-Prep middle area, enables children from Reception to Year 2 to come together, under the close supervision of Pre-Prep staff, to enjoy a range of fun, play activities to help them relax and unwind at the end of a busy day.  Towards the end of Late Duty, at approximately 4.50pm, the children are offered a healthy snack and drink, before preparing themselves to go home at 5.20pm.  No pre-booking is required and parents are free to collect their children at any time from Late Duty.  Children must ‘sign out’ with a member of staff before leaving.

Ballet Lessons

Ballet lessons are offered after school once a week and are available for all of the Pre-Prep children to take part in should they wish to.  Organised, and professionally taught by Miss Natalie from Northamptonshire School of Dance, there is an additional charge for these sessions.  For further details please click the link below or email

Tennis Lessons

Tennis lessons, provided by Dallington Lawn Tennis Club, are available after school on selected days each week.  These sessions, for which there is an additional charge, are offered to our Year 1 and Year 2 children.

If you wish your child to have private tennis lessons at school please directly contact Dallington Tennis Club.


Tel:  07747 785344 – James Haley


Year 2 Choir – Mrs Fountain, our Pre-Prep Music Teacher (weekly): 3.30 – 4.00 pm

Led by Mrs Fountain, our Pre-Prep Music Tutor, Year 2 Choir commences after the Autumn half-term and is open to all enthusiastic and willing singers in Year 2.   Meeting once a week, the Year 2 Choir comes together to have fun and enjoy learning and performing a range of imaginative and lively songs.

Year 2 Ocarina Club – Mrs Fountain, our Pre-Prep Music Teacher

This exciting club provides the perfect opportunity for our Year 2 children to continue playing their ocarinas, which they learnt to use in Year 1.  Led by Mrs Fountain, our Pre-Prep Music Tutor, the sessions occupy a lunch time slot and are run weekly from 12.50 – 1.10 pm.

Upcoming Events

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January 15 2022 • 13:30 - 13:30

Netball Jets A at Repton U11 Tournament (A)

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January 17 2022 • 17:30 - 18:20

Year 8 Ski Trip Meeting for Parents and Pupils in the Hunter Hall

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January 18 2022 • 08:45 - 09:10

Senior House Humanities Competition

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January 18 2022 • 10:55 - 10:55

Cake Sale

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January 18 2022 • 15:00 - 15:00

Football U9A,B&C v Swanbourne (H)

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January 19 2022 • 14:00 - 14:00

Hockey 3rd XI v Maidwell Hall (A)

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