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A fantastic time was had by all as children from Reception to Year 7 celebrated World Book Day. The Pre-Prep children loved parading in their costumes and even ventured to an unfamiliar place in the school for a special story time with a difference. Mr White took children down into the spooky cellar, Mr Clarke read a story in The Stables and Mrs Smith even turned the galleon into a cosy pirate ship! A highlight of the day was taking part in the Nationwide ‘Share a Story’ Campaign. Children in Years 5, 6 and 7 came to Pre-Prep to share a story with a younger friend. This was a wonderful opportunity for the older children to support the little ones and share their love of books.

David Heathcote, a Waste Education Officer, visited Pre-Prep to talk about recycling.  The children looked at a big bag of rubbish and thought about which items could be reused or recycled, and which would have to go to landfill.

We then looked at two lunchboxes – one had lots of throw away plastic that will be buried underground for hundreds of years, the other one had reusable boxes and a bottle to store picnic food. The only item to throw away was the apple core which would rot quickly and feed the plants.

David showed us an old sweet tub and we thought we could simply use it to keep toys in, but it would make a good drum,  frisbee or a fan. We could even make it into a mask or a hat!

Amazingly, David told us that the fleece he was wearing was made from recycled plastic bottles. We then looked at a bag made from recycled drinking bags, a clipboard made from drink cartons, shoes made from old tyres, a football made from lots of squashed up plastic bags and even a pig made from metal cans! We think that we can be creative with waste too!

We are definitely going to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

Bound by a wonderful sense of togetherness, with the tinkling of Christmas music and mouth-watering aromas filling the air, our ‘Christmas Cracker Lunch’ is the perfect way to end a busy term.
The dining room, complete with its sprigs of holly and festive tablecloths, fills with energy and excitement, as we pull our crackers, chuckle at the silly jokes, wriggle into paper crowns and tuck into a delicious Christmas lunch of turkey, roast parsnips, potatoes, satsumas, mince pies and all the trimmings!

To complement the glitter that seems to be adorning every surface at the moment, and the sticky, gluey cotton wool that we are pulling from our fingers, the children have enjoyed a string of mid-week Christmassy treats.  With great excitement, the entire Pre-Prep department headed off, in a convoy of three coaches, to the Macready Theatre in Rugby to see ‘Santa and the Dragon’.  With the theatre all to ourselves, the children loved being up close, where they could interact with the story telling.  Preceding this, and a firm highlight for many, was Mr Clark arriving for ‘Head Master’s Assembly’ dressed as an elf!  Complete with curly toed shoes, bells on his hat and big pointy ears the Head Master delivered a super assembly all about the excitement of getting ready for Christmas. Just when we thought the squeals of delight and chuckles of laughter couldn’t get any louder, this was followed with a Christmas Magic and Puppet Show.  To say that our sides hurt from laughing and our cheeks ache from smiling this week, is an understatement!

Everyone knows that squirrels love nuts, right?  Wrong!  When author Matt Dickinson joined Pre-Prep to talk about his books, we learnt all about three adventurous young squirrels who just can’t get enough popcorn – sweet, salty, smothered in caramel, they really don’t mind, they love it!  The children listened with great interest as Matt shared with us where the inspiration for his ‘Popcorn Eating Squirrels’ series of stories came from and how this then led on to his fun and lively creative writing style.  We definitely have quite a few children who couldn’t wait to get stuck in and turn the pages of Matt’s bestselling books.

The ways in which musical activities benefit young children are endless and, for this reason, they play an integral role in our Pre-Prep curriculum.  Each year group, from Reception to Year 2, enjoys three dedicated Music lessons a week which are led by specialist tutors.  Focusing on Singing, Creative Music and, later in Years 1 and 2, learning to play the Ocarina and then the Recorder, our children develop their musical skills through playing, creating, composing, listening and responding to music in fun, lively and engaging ways.

So important are musical activities for stimulating the brain, developing language and listening skills, supporting physical and mental well-being and boosting imagination, social and communication skills that there is rarely a quiet moment within our Pre-Prep Department!

Pre-Prep are really proud to support the charity ‘Sal’s Shoes’ by donating their out-grown shoes at the end of the summer term.  It is so sad to know that there are millions of children around the world who cannot attend school, because they do not own their own pair of shoes.  Last year, our shoes were sent to Ukraine and Zambia – now we can’t wait to hear the news of where in the world we have helped create some ‘happy feet’ this year.




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