Wellbeing in Pre-Prep

We firmly believe that “success follows happiness”, and, therefore, feeling safe, cared for and valued are a given part of school life.

Mental Fitness

Just as we routinely take care of our bodies, by exercising, eating well and getting enough rest, we teach the children that it is equally important to take good care of our minds. Encouraging mental fitness is an integral part of Pre-Prep life.

Self-esteem and confidence are everything. Positivity, praise, reward and encouragement provide children with the assurance to ask questions, to experiment in their learning and to recognise their own needs and those of others. Kindness is always modelled, valued and encouraged.

Understanding Feelings

From finger wriggling ‘Dough Discos’, Assembly and Circle Times, mindful exercises and singing, every day embraces activities which enhance listening skills, focus and concentration, and which most of all, encourage children to smile and feel brilliant on the inside.

We teach the children that an integral part of caring for their mental health is to notice and share how they are feeling, as well as recognising quickly who they can turn to, at home or at school, if they feel worried, confused, scared or upset. Sharing in stories and being creative are wonderful outlets for expressing feelings. Spending time with others, listening and responding to music, creating and inventing with a range of materials, and even knowing that there is always an adult close at hand with a warm smile, ready to listen and to help, can give children a much needed ‘mood boost’, helping them to feel happy, relaxed and connected.

Working with Parents

Supporting and understanding children, as they blossom and grow as individuals, means working in close partnership with parents – listening, talking and sharing information together, to enable us to do what is best and what is right for each child.

It’s Great Outdoors

Unconfined by walls or ceilings, being outside can be so liberating for children, and we regularly get out into the fresh air and our Forest School. Being outside means that the children can move about more freely which encourages imagination and inventiveness, and develops their creativity and problem-solving skills. All the time they spend sharing, planning and developing ideas enhances their communication skills, not to mention their physical stamina, confidence and self-esteem.

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