“Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein

At Spratton, Drama forms part of the syllabus for every pupils in the Prep School, and all children have regular opportunities to take part in year group and whole school productions. Developing the ability to stand on stage in front of their peers and parents, is invaluable in helping to nurture confidence, self-belief and creativity. 

The Hunter Hall Theatre

Our purpose-built theatre, seats approximately 230, and has the lighting and sound technology to put on regular professional-standard productions. Performing here gives the pupils an opportunity to experience how it feels to act in an authentic theatre environment. They will regularly take to the stage in class assemblies and plays which are exciting, nervous, busy, collaborative and bonding experiences.

Performance Review

The children also have opportunities to create, perform and respond to their own and each other’s performances. Group discussion is encouraged which allows pupils to explore issues and ideas together, and to appreciate the differing opinions of others. Pupils learn to create and sustain roles and to speak with confidence in a range of contexts, developing awareness of an audience.

Showcasing Their Skills

For those with an enthusiasm, passion and forte in Drama, there are many opportunities to extend and showcase their skills in after school clubs. The “big” school play, a performance of a well known title for those who successfully audition in Years 7 and 8, is a highlight of the year, drawing on the skills of Music, Art and Dance teachers to support it too. There are two other Drama clubs available for children from Year 3 upwards.


Classes to develop confident communication are available as an extra-curricular option.