IT and E-Safety

Spratton Hall’s belief is that technology is as valuable as any other learning resource. We ensure that all
pupils have equal and inclusive access to future-proof, safe and of course fun technology.


Online safety is our prime consideration, and we ensure our network and systems are impenetrable. Using security tools that complement our online learning platform Edmodo, such as Google’s extensive range of security features, Screencastify, and Go Guardian, children can browse, meet, share, and upload securely. As well as restricting access to inappropriate material, emails and searches are monitored using DLP and Beacons to flag concerning terms. Should this happen a virtual flag is raised, and the Head of Pastoral Care alerted, so that the correct safe-guarding action can be promptly taken, reducing the risk of harmful behaviours, radicalisation or abuse.

Chrome Books

Our Chromebooks are provided to all children in Years 5 to 8, and help support and enrich our syllabus, energise the children’s creative endeavours, and safely reinforce our learning support provision. 

Handwritten work is the fundamental focus of our classroom learning, but Chromebooks support this, by facilitating online research, data capture and pupil/teacher communication. To help the children work more efficiently on their Chromebooks, as well as providing them with a future ‘life skill’, we have a Touch Typing programme from Year 3.

The Chromebooks also help to counter the issues faced by children with additional needs, such as dyslexia.  For those that find reading and writing challenging, continuous, and equal access to ‘speech to text’ or the Chromebooks’ built-in reader tools, has greatly increased their curriculum accessibility and inclusivity.

Chromebook Code of Conduct

These devices are owned by the school and will be used by pupils as they move through the senior part of the school, in lessons, and for prep at home. Pupils are given a clear Code of Conduct for use with the Chromebooks and are expected to look after them responsibly, bring them to school fully-charged, and use them in an appropriate way.

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