Parent Portal

Parent Portal is an online access point for parents, linked to our Management Information System, which allows parents to view online a variety of information about their children, including their grade cards and current timetable. It can also be used to book parent’s evenings.

Login to the Portal

How to Use the Portal

Login details will be provided initially to allow the account to be accessed, after which you can create and use a password of your choosing.

Once into the Portal, you will be on the Home page, on which you should see your child’s details. If you click on the ‘View Details’ tab for any child, you will be taken to a more detailed page showing information bars such as Contact Details, Siblings, their current Timetable, Subjects and Teachers they have at Spratton, Assessment Reports (where all reports and grade cards can be viewed), Attendance Records, and Pupil Details.

PLEASE NOTE: All Spratton Hall reports and grade cards on pupils can be viewed via our online Parent Portal at the end of each half term (except for Reception reports) – and only Summer reports are sent home via the post, the rest can only be viewed by accessing the Portal.

The next tab at the top entitled ‘My Details’ is where you can view the contact information we have for you, as parents. Some of this is directly editable by yourself, so if you notice any of this information is out of date, then please do update it.

The tab entitled ‘Websites’ gives you a drop-down list of some of the most common senior schools we send pupils too, and takes you to their Contact pages. If you are looking for senior schools to visit, this may be of help to you.

Should you have any difficulties setting up the account, or any other problems or queries then please email Steve Bradnam

Parents’ Evenings

Bookings for Parent/Teacher Consultations are only made in Pre-prep for parents to meet Form Tutors in the Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms and also for Year 3 parents to meet Form Tutors in the Autumn Term and core subject teachers in the Spring Term. This is done via the Parent Portal [link to portal page] and alerts will be sent out near the time, to remind parents to make these bookings.

All other parents’ evenings (Year 4 to Year 8) are run on an ad hoc basis, with parents coming to the Dome and queuing up to see relevant members of staff.

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