Information and Computer Technology

The Computing Resources available across the school are extensive. Supported by a Windows 10 network, staff and pupils have access to two bookable Computer Teaching Rooms and a host of curriculum supporting software, as well as full time IT support staff. All Classrooms have a SMART interactive whiteboards.

Chromebooks and Classrooms

All pupils in Years 5 to 8 are issued with their own Chromebook device. We feel that it is an essential tool that can be used as an integral part of teaching and learning in all subject areas. To this end, every classroom is, in effect, an IT classroom now. However, we do still have a purpose built Computing suite, which has 20 desktop machines. These are loaded with a large variety of software, from movie editing programs to animation and game creation software. In addition pupils in the Pre-prep have access to 30 mini iPads.

The Computing Curriculum

All children receive at least one timetabled Computing slot in their weekly timetable, from Reception to Year 8. The Computing curriculum has been radically changed in recent years to reflect the breath-taking pace of the IT industry. From an early age pupils are taught how to safely use email, create documents, spreadsheets, databases and presentations, as well as being aware of online safety. All pupils from Year 3 onwards, are taken through a Touch Typing programme, to develop their speed and accuracy in what is an essential skill. They are encouraged to use music making and animation tools to tell stories and adventures. The children create podcasts, edit videos, create websites and are taught useful information retrieval skills to use with Google. Programming is also taught using block coding such as Scratch, and eventually the Python coding language. The final area covered by Computing is control: the children are taught how to create instructions for machines to carry out, and how to operate tools like digital cameras.