Food, Design & Technology

Food technology

Food preparation knowledge and healthy food choices are vital life skills in today’s society. We aim to provide a thorough grounding in both the theoretical and practical aspects of Food Technology. Areas studied include nutrition; the wise selection of foods in order to promote good health; food safety and hygiene. Our lessons are predominantly practically based in order to develop pupils’ abilities in food preparation, general organisation and confidence.

Practical sessions combine demonstrations, making and tasting the food, broadening their knowledge. Pupils make a variety of dishes, ranging from the simple to the more complex, including strawberry cheese cake, vegetable kebabs, bread, sausage rolls and pizzas. Our aim is that pupils then take these ideas and prepare the food at home for their parents, to develop self-esteem and independence.

Design Technology

Design Technology brings together the many skills mental and physical, needed to plan and make assignments relevant to the school curriculum. Thinking, visualising, drawing, doing, problem identifying, problem-solving and decision-making are all involved in the realisation of a DT project in written and Computer Aided Design format.

Years 3 to 7 complete textile, resistant material and mechanism based projects each year to give a broad foundation of the many areas of Design Technology. Examples of projects are slippers, pneumatic monsters and carpentry boxes. Our aim is that this subject gives the opportunity to offer cross-curricular learning to the pupils by applying practical solutions to ideas and concepts learnt in other subject areas, hence embedding abstract ideas into the real world.