Modern Languages

French is the main modern language studied at Spratton, and is introduced to all pupils in Year 1. However, pupils in Years 6, 7 and 8 can also start learning Mandarin and Spanish by joining the School’s extra-curricular clubs.

French at Spratton

All pupils from Year 1 to Year 8 study French which is taught in the Modern Language Department by French language specialists. Lessons are conducted totally in French whenever possible and the children are encouraged speak in French, both to improve their confidence and their spoken French, in a friendly and supportive environment. 

We also offer a French Clinic for all pupils who would like to reinforce or improve their French skills.

Learning the Language

The teachers have a wide range of resources to support the French syllabus, such as PDF textbooks, interactive board language activities, language websites, One Note lessons and a variety of audio recordings to supplement their coursework. This provides the pupils with a current, appealing and multi-sensory approach to language learning that focuses strongly on communication.

Pupils can also access the following websites to reinforce the grammatical and vocabulary work, conducted in lessons.

Study Visits to France

The children are also introduced to French life and culture. There is optional (but recommended) study visit to France in Year 7 to see France first-hand, while extending and consolidating their classroom based language work.

Children in Year 7 spend a week in at Château La Grande Romaine in Paris, totally immersed in the target language and studying cross-curricular themes. They also follow a programme of visits including: Le Musée Grevin, Notre Dame Cathedral, L’Arc de Triomph, Le Château de Versailles, Montmartre, Le Sacré Cœur and Le Stade De France.

Following their visit to Paris, the children will have a project to complete to demonstrate and reinforce what they have learned.

French Days and Events

There is a regular inter-house French competition for both junior and senior pupils who compete within their own year group to answer questions on their previous studies. Additionally, there in an annual French Day celebration where pupils take part in French recreational games such as Boules and watch French films. They also get to speak French during their lunch, while enjoying delicious French food. Bon Appétit!